Life International Taekwon-Do Federation was established by our founding President Grand Master Han Sam Soo, an ITF pioneer who helped with the establishment of ITF Taekwon-Do under General Choi Hong Hi, Taekwon-Do`s founder. His wish for a democratic Federation that followed the ITF system created by its founder was the beginning of this Federation in 2021 and is the core of our constitution and by-laws.

In 2022 our constitution and by-laws were adopted by our founding member board of Executive members. These core values is what our Federation operate under.




Life International Tae Kwon-Do Federation (“Life ITF”) is founded on the basis of TaeKwon-Do Founder General Choi Hong Hi’s vision and tradition, which is to create a democratic system among its members. General Choi’s idea is to enable our member organizations to self-govern, self-operate under the same principles. While operating a Tae Kwon-Do school, association, union or community group is a business, exploiting students for the sole purpose of maximizing profits is against the Life ITF’s motto.

Life ITF has roots directly from General Choi’s purest form of ITF, philosophically and technically. General Choi’s (and now LITE INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON_DO FEDERATION`S) objective was to create a democratic and fair governing body, which allows Members to voice their opinions on matters surrounding the federation. Members are schools, clubs, organizations or other associations within the local community. They will acquire recommendations from Life ITF on managing the business as well as the teachings (both ethically and technically). The Chief Instructor of each Member has 100% ownership of the school, club, organization or other associations and has freedom to manage it however the Chief Instructor wishes to do so, as long as the constitution is being followed.

The constitution is the foundation in which Life ITF bears its values and principles. General Choi’s original motto was to be fair to the Members: making it reasonably affordable for the Members to apply for certificates for their students. When certificates and seminars or other services provided by the federation (in our case, Life ITF) are preposterously expensive, like going to college, the ultimate victims are the students. TaeKwon-Do’s objective is to create a healthy, joyful and safer neighbourhood, community and eventually the world. If such fees are absurdly high, it makes TaeKwon-Do a commercial product, inaccessible for everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Currently there is division within ITF and Life ITF wishes to unite those who are dissatisfied with the current governing parties that have deflected from the original principles and teachings of General Choi.  Life ITF was created in order to maintain the history of TaeKwon-Do for many generations to come. 

The purposes of the Federation are:

  1. . To assist all ``MEMBERS`` Internationally with promoting ITF Taekwon-Do, the art and the
  2.     philosophy.
  3. . Provide member organizations with Black Belt certification, International Instructor
  4.     Certification and other International Certifications.
  6. . Provide assistance and information for Tournament, Instructor seminars, and other
  7.     seminars for education and promotion of ITF Taekwon-Do.
  8. . Standardization for all members, organizations, associations etc.
  9. . Follow the standards of ITF Taekwon-Do as created by it's founder.
  10. . To create harmony in its membership.